Dropship Program

Welcome to Garanon Brands Official Dropship Program that offers More Profit for your store with no investment needed. 

How does our program work? It's Simple , No more need to stock up inventory in your store. We take care of product production & shipment fulfillment and you receive commission off each sale you get through your store in person & online.

   In store program method in steps:

1. We would ship you 1 sample all of our products for you to display in your store. where to setup?  For hats we would recommend displaying by register or behind so that customers can see it. How to place order? If a customer would like to purchase all you would have to do is place the order on your website and enter there info like any other order. We will setup a affiliate link & account that will be connected to the products on your website for you to receive your profit. The link that will be connected to the product on your website will be able to track all purchases you process for customers in store and online. How much profit will you receive ? We can pay you a flat fee per product or up to 30% commission for each product sale. Payouts will be at the end of each month.

Online method :

Once you have our products on your website customers will be able to purchase our product with a simple click. When a customer clicks to buy our product they will be redirected to our website to complete their purchase. Remember that the products will be linked with your affiliate link and account so you will be able to track all sales of our products.